The Roscoe - Poison Noises

Nov 24 2022
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poison noises the roscoe
100 Hz
200 Hz
400 Hz
800 Hz
1.6 kHz
3.2 kHz

The Roscoe by Poison Noises is handy EQ tool to create and shape exactly the sound that you want.

EQ is like salt and pepper. It's not the star of the dish, but certainly necessary for you to enjoy the meal.

The Roscoe is a versatile tool to manage your tone. Be it that you need extra control to transform certain overdrive or amp sounds, need to switch guitars and adjust sound quickly or just want a fine-tuned boost to drive your amp or other gain stages in a precise manner.

I also think that the goofy knob labels typical for Poison Noises pedals actually let you forget about the exact frequencies you're boosting/cutting. Instead, you need to use your ears to actually tune the pedal to what you want to hear.

Signal Chain


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