The Effluence - Poison Noises

Nov 01 2022
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poison noises the effluence

The Effluence by Poison Noises is a very unique reverb that is unlike anything I have tried so far.

To my ears, it doesn't try emulate anything specific. It's not a spring or plate reverb and there is no special shimmer or crazy wobbly modulation.

It's just a reverb ... but it's not. The way I understand that reverbs are created: Take a bunch delay lines and "smear" them so you don't hear any attack and get a washy reverb.

In the Effluence, at certain settings you can still distinguish those delay lines. It has a certain lo-fi character that doesn't fit into any clichée. It's as if you're in a large room where sound is bouncing of the walls uncontrollably.

I also love how the controls to set the length, dwell and decay of the reverb can all set to get an ever so slight crackling sound, without it ever getting out of hand.

If you think you've heard 'em all, try The Effluence.

Recording Notes


Other Pedals Used for the Backing Track

  • The Crook, MAE Line Blur and Strymon Iridium (round) with bass cabs for bass (JMJ Mustang)
  • Chase Bliss Mood for the grainy pad
  • The Effluence with different settings on pretty much every guitar part
  • The Crook for lead and more saturated parts


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