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NativeAudio - Kiaayo

Fri May 21 2021
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Disclaimer: This should be considered paid promotion. NativeAudio sent me this pedal for free.

The Kiaayo by NativeAudio is a unique medium gain overdrive invented to sweeten up your tone.

It's an original circuit design with two gain stages controlled by one gain knob (similar to Blues Breaker type circuits like the JHS Morning Glory), but with a unique pre-gain bass cut, tone and clipping circuit.

As you can hear in the demo, the gain and tone ranges are pretty wide. From dark to bright and from edge of breakup to woolly overdrive.

It is very sensitive to picking dynamics and guitar volume. Softer attack can clean up the Kiaayo and digging in more drives it harder.

And as usual for NativeAudio pedals, there are some smart features: It has their typical soft-switching foot-switch which I'm a big fan of. The cool thing: if you press and hold it, it becomes a momentary switch, so it's only activated as long as you hold it. If you just tap it quickly, it's a regular latching switch.

If you've had enough from typical drive pedals, the Kiaayo is for you. It has the familiar, amp-like breakup with a unique twist to it.

Signal chain:


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